Saturday, July 18, 2009

The City Life

Today we decided to go on an after
noon trip to Peoria Heights.

Whenever we drove past
these little shop's, it
looked like it would
be a load of fun to go in
them sometime!

Some of the buildings had these
beautiful stained glass windows!

I love the blue in this one!

Here is my sister,Michelle,my
mom,Rhonda,my other sister,
Aimee,and I in a cute
little shop.(We have one
more sister,Beth,but she wasn't
able to make it because her
little one's needed naps:.)

Here is a quaint little Coffee Shop!
It was very neat.It had very
good coffee.
I'm always up for
a trip to a coffee shop!
I'm a sucker for them;.)

This was neat,there was an old coffee press.
I couldn't get a good picture because
it was in a glass case
and it was really dirty.But I got a
decent on of the stupendous vintage label.
Oh yeah, and this was out side of that
cute coffee shop I mentioned just above!

Well that was our trip!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mystery Lamp!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
I've had a bad sinus infection again.
I seem to get them a lot and
they tend to get me down sometimes!
But I have gotten some minor projects
done to keep me busy!:)I was really
wanting a new lamp for my room.
I couldn't bring myself to buy one because
I had one that worked perfectly well!
Anyways,I told my sister about my recent want:)
and it just so happened she had a lamp she was
wanting to get rid of because she didn't have
a need for it anymore.It wasn't "exactly"
what I had in mind,but it had a good potential.
You can see the white hobnail looking design it
has and I liked that.It had gold metal ware I wasn't
too found of but a little black paint fixed that right up.
The shade....Oh the shade.....I had this really neat
fabric someone had given to me awhile ago.It reminded
me of the beginning of the show"Mystery"on PBS:).
I loved it and considered many things I could do with it.
It's a really hard fabric to work with so I
couldn't come up with anything my sewing abilities
would allow:)Anyways it worked perfectly for this!
I bought the trim at Jo Ann's (With a 40% off coupon!)
And here's the finished project below!

Like I stated before sometimes my sinus infections
or just being sick in general can get me down.Sometimes,
especially for me,I can see the Lord does it to help my
focus return to Him.So many times I fall away as the day,
and yes sometimes weeks,pass by.He's always there to pick
me back up when I am constantly like a sheep and go astray!What
a merciful,loving and JUST God!Thank you Lord Jesus!
A verse that's been on my heart especially this past week
I heard at one of our recent
Sunday morning sermons I would like to share:
"But I know whom I have believed and am convinced
that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him
until that day!"
II Tim 1:12

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Night at the Carnival!

The Annual Henry carnival was
here for the fourth of July
this past week.It was a lot of fun.
I attended with my sister,Michelle,
my cousins,and a few aunts and uncles.
Excited for the first ride to start!

My cousin, Hannah,and I riding the Carousel.

A ride on the Ferris Wheel.

The rooftops of Henry!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Michelle,my sister, and I purchased some very adorable clothes from "Charlotte Russe" clothing store.We saw this line called"Enchanted" about a month back and almost couldn't resist putting everything on our cart:.)But it was to expensive for us flee market girls so we waited to see if they would go on sale.Well, yesterday we ran by and...40% off,YAY!!!!The clothes are supposed to have a turn-of-the-century look.So we decided to dress up time period(ish) and take pictures to blog about.The whole line looked to us like it could of come out of a catalog we love to look at called"Anthropology."So here are some pictures we took,we each took turns being photographer:.)

I hope you enjoyed:.)
Here is a link to my sister's blog.She has an online store with etsy and sells the cutest things in town!:.)birds_of_the_air