Thursday, November 5, 2009

Down the Wooded Path

So.....I had another inspiration from the latest Anthro catalog.
They had a very interesting photo shot done in the woods and
Michelle was very kind to take the pictures I needed;.)
The Photographer:Michelle:.)

We were on our way down to the
woods and Michelle thought this
would be a good place for one of the
pictures.The sun was at a great angle!

So I found the spot I had in mind.
The only problem was that the ground
was to wet for me not to sink in.
Here we go, this will do the trick.
(Don't you just love the rubber boots;.)

Checking the shoes...


Monday, November 2, 2009

Newest Projects....

I Heart Ballet!!!!

Here is a necklace that I saw in Anthro
and just absolutely fell in love with.
This is one I made inspired after the original.
My cousin who is a jewelry maker put the
second strand of pearls on a pearl necklace
I already had. Then I took some felt and cut it in to
a circle and cut fabric according and just made each
circle smaller as I went.Glued it together,sewed pearls into

middle of flowers.And WA La:.)A beautiful new necklace.

My sister and I traded rooms this
past month.So I have been trying
to think of ways to use some of my
older things.This was a plain
black frame I bought at a dime store
a while back.I really needed a pink frame
so I painted it a baby pink.Then to add
some extra detail.I sprayed it with
glitter spray and glues pearls on.
I printed the Picture off Google Image
Search. And their you have it,a brand
new piece of art on a budget.:.)