Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Room's Remodel is Coming Along!

My room renovation is finally almost complete. I painted the garage
door beige.I also painted the ceiling white
but you cant see that:.)......As you can see though...
I still need a full sized mattress.I'm holding
out for a good deal!;.)he he

This is the bookshelf that was to the
left in the above picture.My mom
was getting rid of it.So I took it!
It was white and in desperate need
for a coat of paint!I painted it black
and the insides deep red.

This is one of my fabric walls.
I had to hang curtains up because
my room is in a section of our garage.
This is actually a couple of sheets
that I nailed to our drywalled ceiling
(ya....dad doesn't know about that one:.)

Here is the opposite wall to my
bed and fabric wall.

I purchased two sets of the
Apothecary Jars at
Cracker Barrel when we went
for my graduation.I think they were
like 5 bucks a set or something
on sale!It took me a while to think
of what to fill them with!:.)

The cozy corner!

Here's some more of my
Apothecary Jars.

This tie back holder is a
clothes pin painted black
with buttons glued on it.

My half fabric wall!:.)
Under the towel is my tv.:.)

My tack board I decorated for a piece of art:.)


My Recent Projects!

Do you remember the
"Mystery Lamp"?
Well it is now also a
Here is the lining.
I carried the fabric
inside for pockets.
This silky fabric is very difficult
to work with, so I sewed
it to plain white cotton before
beginning.It makes it much easier
and is thicker so its nice
for a purse!

And then my next project...
"Branch Jewelry Holder"
I saw this idea at a Claire's.
They actually had one made
out of metal.I really liked the
design but was a little too pricey
so I made one out of a real branch.
First I went into the woods to
find a branch with enough limbs to
work for what I needed.Cut it down,removed
the bark and polyurethane it.(Same with the
base.) Then I glued the branch to the base
with craft glue. TA DA! A nice
Jewelry Holder!

This past week I had been convicted about
the time I spend with the Lord.I am ashamed
to admit to it, but it tends to be something I
hurry along just to get done.Not taking my time
and receiving the things the Lord wants to teach me.
Then this weeks sermon went somewhat hand in hand
with my conviction.( I love how the Lord does this,It's such
an encouragement to me!)I just thought I would take some time
to go over some things we talked about just to refresh my memory
and to have it written down somewhere.Hopefully so more can benefit
from it than just me!
We started in II Peter 1:1B, "We need to be living the lives that
God has designed for us believers(bond servants) to live!"This
statement really stood out to me!How can I even begin to do this without
taking Him seriously at His own word?!?I'm not saying that I don't believe what
the Bible says to be true,don't get me wrong,I'm saying,"Do I cheris Him and
His word as I should?" It is so important to start my day with Him and His word,
no matter how busy I am, I NEED to. I will not be able to go about my day
and try as hard as I can to be a diligent bond servant to Him.
Then we dealt with the issue of Faith.
If someone came up to me off the streets and asked me,"What kind of
faith do I have?"or"How would I describe my faith to them?"
Well here is how I should answer...
I. It is a gift of God.
-One I do not deserve and most certainly cannot
come to on my own. This faith will only make God look good because
we cannot come to it on our own!
I'll put down the verses we went over so you can look them
up if you want.Eph.2:8,Acts 18:27,Rom12:3,James2:5
Implications of this Reality:
-this truth ought to keep us humble
before the Lord especially in our attitude toward the lost.
-Increase in our thankfulness to Him!
-Giving Him the praise,honor,and glory!
II.Faith that is focused on Jesus Christ!
-A realization that Jesus is everything to me!
and if not I have NO hope!
Rom5:1-2,Gala.2:20,Heb.12:2,I Cor.1:30
III.It is a Precious Faith!
What is the unique value of this faith?
-It reconciles us to God.Rom16:25-26
-This faith is an obedient faith.
-It is a faith that can be seen
(in our lives and Hopefully on our in our lives!)
-It is a transcendent faith.
We walk by FAITH NOT by SIGHT!(v.7) II Cor.5:10,Heb10:19-22
-It is a faith that enables and embraces real progress.II Cor.10:14-15,
Eph3:14-18,Phill1:21,II Thess1:3
-It is a faith that provides real protection.
-It is a faith that provides genuine unity.
-It is a victorious faith!I John 5:4,I Peter1:9
This Faith is a Most Holy Faith!!!Jude 11
Well I hope this is a conviction and an encouragement!
the same to you as it was to me!
In Christ's Love,