Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It is so much fun to find good deals!!




There is a flee market type store

near were we live.. I found this

beautiful coffee/tea set their for $25.

I wasn't positive this was an

excellent deal but I just loved it.

Not to mention in my future kitchen

I in vision robins egg blue walls with

this silver as an accent!^-^ and what

else can I say..I love Coffee!!!


I found this neat Atlas from 1910

in a garage/estate sale...

the people who were in charge

were kind enough to let my sister and I rummage

around in the old garage of the house

and that is where I found the atlas..

how neat..plus being it was a little dusty and

not quite in tack anymore..I got a great deal!!^-^

Happy hunting!! ^-~

XO Kelsey

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